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  • The king who made England
    Discovering why King Alfred was great and where he may have been buried.
    Edoardo Albert and
    Dr Katie Tucker
  • No more heroes?
    With so many high achievers in their ranks, the overly ambitious Ancient Greeks had an awful lot to live up to.
    David Stuttard
  • Digging deeper
    Professor Vincent Gaffney outlines the mapping of Doggerland and the recent Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project.
    Diana Bentley
  • Home sweet home
    Domestic life played a surprisingly important role in prehistoric times
    – as it should today.
    Francis Pryor
  • What was so great about Herod?
    He is reputed to have ordered the Massacre of the Innocents, but did Herod have any good points?
    Geza Vermes
  • Harbouring the past
    Mosaics and sculpture from Ostia Antica are displayed alongside modern art inspired by Rome's original port.
    Alice Bygraves
  • The lost capital of the Khmer
    Overgrown and abandoned for more than a millennium, the ruined city of Koh Ker should be visited before it becomes too popular.
    Carol Howland
  • Best foot forward
    From walking erect to teetering in high heels, human equilibrium is celebrated in the museum of Italy's most famous shoemaker.
    Dalu Jones

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