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May/June 2015
  • Xerxes the Great
    Was the most powerful king of Persia a religious revolutionary? An inscription from Persepolis has fired debate about whether or not he held Zoroastrian beliefs.
    Richard Stoneman

  • Pictures of paradise
    The history of the garden and how it has been depicted by artists since medieval times is the subject of an exhibition currently on show at the Queen's Gallery in London.
    Lucia Marchini

  • Time frame
    The American artist Alexander Mihaylovich explains how a deep love of archaeology and museums has infused his art.
    Lindsay Fulcher

  • Call for the Cataphracts
    The Seleucid Emperor Antiochos III's successful use of heavily armoured cavalry against the Egyptians set a long-lasting trend.
    Eric B Anderson

  • Masters of the Muses
    The Cure is the latest collaboration between the composer Harrison Birtwistle and poet David Harsent to turn a Classical myth into a modern opera. Lindsay Fulcher

  • 'A magical constancy'
    A major new exhibition of Barbara Hepworth's sculpture at Tate Britain reveals the deep influence of ancient art on her work.
    Inga Fraser

  • Along the Lycian Way
    Following in the footsteps of a freedom-loving people through a wild mountainous region of south-west Turkey.
    Lindsay Fulcher

  • A far-off country
    Known for its boldly decorated churches, Ethiopia has a history that stretches back to the Queen of Sheba and beyond. Richard Pankhurst

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