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May/June 2018
  • 'The best of emperors'
    Trajan's Markets, now collectively renamed the Museum of the Imperial Fora, are a fitting place to celebrate the 1900th anniversary of a wise and just emperor who brought prosperity to Rome.
    Dalu Jones

  • The wrong Caesars
    An examination of the scenes from the lives of 12 Roman emperors depicted on a set of stunning Renaissance, gilded silver dishes revealed that they do not match imperial figures attached to them.
    Mary Beard

  • In the shadow of the volcano
    A stroll up Vesuvius, combined with a visit to Pompeii or Herculaneum, has inspired writers and artists throughout history and continues to evoke a deep sense of the powerful presence of the past.
    Lindsay Fulcher

  • The Sun Queen
    The beauty of Queen Nefertiti, the 'Great Wife' of the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten, was immortalised in a workshop in Amarna and still haunts us today when we face her in Berlin's Neues Museum.
    Joyce Tyldesley

  • Hero of the hieroglyphs
    How did the 18th-century French scholar Jean-François Champollion decipher the language of the Ancient Egyptians, that allows us to read the cartouches on tombs, such as that of Tutankhamen?
    Andrew Robinson

  • Horse sense
    Images of Man's four-legged companion in war, work and play are exquisitely depicted on Ancient Greek vases and coins in an exhibition on show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
    Dominic Green

  • The view over Atlantis
    The location of this mythical island has been assigned to many different parts of the world, but Plato's story of a lost civilisation may have been a device to make a point about the nature of the state.
    Steve Kershaw

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